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FRANKIE LOYAL DELGADO helped arrange CHEF CHRIS BRUGLERto do the catering for the after party which was simply divine.. It was a nice evening in the open air with a Dee Jay playing all your favorite punk rock hits… At the party I saw so many people including¬†JUSTIN SCARRED, NATE PETERSON, PHILIP SAFARIK, SAL J. BAXTER, CHRIS EVANS, TONY QUIROZ, ALICIA MOSLEY, MARK RAINEY, TASI SCOURTIS, SARAH VALDEZ, ZANDER SCHLOSS, SEAN WHEELER, CHRIS GULTCH, BRIDGETTE VERA, MANUEL LABOR, RIO WARNER, ALICIA MOSLEY, MARINA CRISSMAN, JUAN, TEQUILA MOCKINGBIRD and so many others..
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