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I was recently immersed in casual conversation at a social function and referred to myself as a “foodie”. The person I was speaking to looked at me quizzically, and asked “what makes someone a foodie…doesn’t everyone like food?”

To this, I replied with my own personal off-the-cuff definition of a foodie relative to why I consider myself one and what it generally means to me. My answer was this: “For a foodie, eating is more than an act…it’s an experience. Foodies don’t just eat a meal, they revel in it and regard all facets of the dish in the process: the ingredients used as well as how and where they were sourced, the preparation (and skill related thereto), taste, texture, smell and presentation.”

I was not at all prepared to answer this question so specifically, but was relatively satisfied with my on-the-fly answer that duly conveyed how I personally identify with the word “foodie.” The question weighed on me however, as I later wondered if I had defined it correctly in a universal sense. Had I aptly conveyed the intended sentiments that most associate with the word “foodie”—a moniker I wear with much pride?

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