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I hired Chris Brugler Catering for my wedding reception and I can honestly say, it doesn’t get any better than Chris! He conceptualized an entire evening of PASSED food. That’s right. No sit down dinner, no buffet, all passed food — and my guests were FULL. My husband and I wanted our party to be different. We wanted our guests to be able to mingle and dance all night without the formality of a sit down dinner, and it was beyond our expectations all because of Chris. From the planning, to the tasting of his incredible creations to pick a menu, to the rentals and finally to our reception, he knew exactly what we wanted and it was a smashing success. His food is so amazing – I couldn’t even pick because each dish is better than the last – so he prepared FIFTEEN different menu items. Are you kidding me? Let’s just say his service is over the top. The wait staff is beyond compare. I will never have another party again without him. And can we just talk about his white chocolate challah for a minute? Can’t. Stop. Eating.

Thank you to Chris Brugler Catering for the wedding of my dreams.

Call him. Right now. You won’t be disappointed.


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