Elegant Frozen Themed Dinner for Disney Executives

CBC enjoyed doing another event for our clients at Disney. A Norwegian themed dinner was served to guests this month, in honor of the company’s new film Frozen.

The dinner included Braised Short Ribs and Mulled Wine both complimented the evening perfectly. For a grand finale Chef Chris demonstrated the making liquid nitrogen ice cream while the guests were being served dessert.

Disney Frozen Kitchen











Notes from our clients:

You were incredible. I’ve never tasted such amazing food and my father and I relish in great cuisine. I wish I had met you three years ago, so you could have done my wedding reception! LOL

Everyone loved the food and the show! The servers were so helpful and it was a seamless experience. I appreciate everything.

I MUST ask what recipe you used for the glugg (spiced wine). A couple folks were requesting, so they could try to make it during the cold winter nights (which should happen sometime in July, right!? Lol). Would you mind sharing? If not, I totally understand.

We’d love to use you again for DEEP, although I’m not sure when exactly the next one will be. I will also recommend you to everyone I know.

First of all: BRAVO!! The entire evening was flawless. Your cuisine, style and service was fantastic and I don’t think I would have done anything different. Loved the presentation on everything and your servers were attentive, swift and professional. Everyone was raving about the filet and those dates are so addicting! Until next time…Michael Vargo

 Frozen Menu










Check out the Official Disney Frozen Trailer: