Poolside Birthday Celebration



We had a great time providing an exceptional meal for Lilli’s birthday party. A full dinner menu was created for Lilli and her guests, including passed appetizers, a first course, main course and dessert. The vegetarians loved the decedent Cavatelli Pasta with a Wild Mushroom Cream Sauce & Shaved Reggiano. Lilli told us later the guest couldn’t get over how perfectly each filet was prepared to the perfect temperature for the meat lovers.



Chef Chris Cooking 1


Guest seating









Message from our client:

Just wanted to thank you so, so much for making my party last night absolutely perfect from beginning to end. Everyone had such a great time~ (maybe evidenced from almost running out of vodka!!) but the timing was so perfect that no one felt rushed and everyone had a blast. Thank you, Tay for being so on top of it and making sure everyone was having fun.

The food was absolutely incredible. Everyone raved and no one could quite figure out how so many pieces of meat could be done PERFECTLY all at the same time. Chris, you are a true artist and I hope I can recommend you often.

I hope everyone can relax today and know you helped make my birthday party a truly memorable and absolutely fantastic event.

thank you, again, for everything!




Poolside bday Menu