Wedding at Rancho Las Lomas!

We were excited to be a part of a beautiful wedding located at Rancho Las Lomas in Orange County.

This wedding venue is one of a kind as it also acts as a zoological garden.

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Highlights of the menu included Linguine with Grilled Shrimp, Chili, Parsley & Lemon Juice and Chocolate Peanut Butter Cake as a dessert option. It was an absolutely beautiful event from start to finish!

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If I can describe CBC (Chris Brugler Catering) in one word it would be FLAWLESS!!!
I had last minute catering issues with another vender and it work out to where they couldn’t cater our wedding with just over a month left to our wedding. I got a hold of Chris an ask him for info and with such short notice if he could help me out. Chris and his team was amazing thru out the whole process. They came to our rescue. The service my guest had at our wedding was amazing!! The staff was attentive to our guest and super friendly. The manager and chefs had everything dialed in. Then there was Shelby she was the waitress assigned to my wife and I. She was so amazing. She made sure we had food drinks so help during our photo session. My wife left her veil on the table next to the caprese salad being it was a garden wedding this wasn’t a good idea because when we weren’t looking some birds got into salad and got dressing stains on her veil. My wife was so upset because the veil was something barrowed. Shelby said you guys continue wit the pictures and I will take care of the veil. 5 minutes later she is not only back with some more drinks but she cleaned the veil. My wife was go grateful she was in tears. I looked at my wife and said if the rest of Chris’s team was half as good as Shelby our guest were in great hands. When we finally joined our guest not only were they half as good but I have never seen a team work so well.
Thank You Chris!!!
Eddie & Ivette

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